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Role of Chair
  • May request a qualified volunteer for the Healing Service.

  • Leads the Service 

    • Keeps track of the service in the notebook on the podium

    • Selects the hymns and records their numbers 

    • Arranges for someone to do the Invocation. 

  • During the Message part of the service

    • Reminds everyone that before delivering a message, they must first ask if the person wants a message.

    • May ask for volunteers to give messages

    • May ask other attendees if they have messages to share.

    • Ensures everyone present that wanted a message received at least 1 message 

  • Monitors the Invocation, Speakers, Readers and Healers for appropriate behavior (words and actions).

  • Takes action to keep all the activities of the service within the specified guidelines.

  • Handles the money

    • Counts the money received from the Love Offering and makes arrangements for Open House funds to be counted and recorded

    • Has a second person verify the count 

    • Puts the money in an envelope with the date and amount on the outside and the person counting puts their initials on the envelope and seals it closed.

  • Records attendance and monies in the tracking book labeled “Journal”

  • Ensures the church is secure before it is locked

    • Back door is securely closed

    • Upstairs external door is securely closed

    • Heat / Air Conditioning is turned OFF.

    • During cold spells the heat may be left ON to ensure water lines don’t freeze.

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