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Role of Speaker
  • Speakers are volunteers selected 2 to 3 weeks in advance

  • There is no specific minimum time for the Speaker’s service.  They should be kept to a maximum time of 20 to 30 minutes.


  • Scripture

    • The speaker should be prepared to deliver a reading from “scripture”.

    • Scripture is a broad definition. 

      • It may be a reading from a religious text or it may be from a book or article the speaker likes

      • In any case, it must be of a spiritual nature and be informative and / or uplifting.

    • The speaker should identify what it is they are reading – Topic, Title of the Book / Article and the Author.


  • Lecture

    • The reading is followed by the Speaker’s own spiritual input.

    • It may be related to the reading, but is not required to be so.

    • Many choose to give a “message from spirit” which is spontaneous.

    • This is a lecture.  For on-going discussions, another time may be scheduled


The speaker should avoid topics that are:

  • exclusive 

identifies the only way to believe / behave

  • divisive

 sets one group or class of people against another

  • political

nothing about current or past politics

  • sexual

no explicit or suggestive sexual material or comments

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