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Why do we need Guidelines?

Some  people have attended Spirit Guided Friends Church for many years – for a few dating to the 1970s. 


Those of us on the current board of directors (2021) attending since the 1970s, 80s, 90s etc. realized that many of the expected actions in the roles of chair, speaker, reader and healer were almost entirely word-of-mouth; in the business world this is called “Tribal Knowledge”.


Here is a generic example illustrating the problem with such an approach:

Person 1 -  We are supposed to do [X] THIS  way because that is what Previous Person A did. 

Person 2 -  We are supposed to do [X] THAT way because that is what Previous Person B did.


For the church to operate harmoniously and effectively it needs specific guidelines.

Then, we can then all point to a single source and say “The Church’s Way”. 


Therefore, in order to help the church’s valued volunteers, to provide clarity, and to reduce discussions about the “right way”, the current board of directors has approved a set of role based guidelines. 


These are gentle boundaries and are not intended to limit any person’s unique expression.

Feedback is welcome …

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