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Healing - Order of Service

The Healing Service occurs prior to the worship service.

    • One or more chairs are placed in the front of the church for this activity

    • The Chair Person may invite a qualified healer to perform the service

  • Opening

    • Begin by singing of the Doxology on the inside cover of the hymnal

    • aka Praise GOD from Whom All Blessings Flow 

    • The Healer recites a short prayer

  • People who desire to receive healing will come and sit in the chair

  • The service continues until all who want a healing have received one.

    • This not on a time table

    • While 15 minutes is dedicated to this service in the schedule, it may run longer. It has been known to last as long as 30 minutes on occasion.

  • Conclusion

    • The Healer recites a short prayer of gratitude for the healings received

    • All sing the song “My Prayer” in unison.  (The last page in the hymnal)

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